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Dairy production

In the heart of a strong Breton dairy industry, our members produce quality milk with the support of technicians from our co-operative.
Thanks to a favourable pedoclimate, fruitful farmers and cutting edge equipment, Brittany enjoys many advantages that have made it one of Europe’s top dairy regions. Dairy production obvious holds an important place at our co-operative, which has a local team of nutrition technicians, veterinarians and building designers. They advise more than 3,000 farmers on a daily basis.

Taking a global approach to farming, our technicians provide personalized technical and economic advice to our farmers, because each farm is different. They also monitor the quality of the milk and the herd’s feed at our 730 milk suppliers, as part of our “Passion for Milk” quality and sustainability strategy.

The milk is then processed by Laïta, a Eureden subsidiary, primarily in the form of butter, cheese, yoghurt, dry ingredients and health nutrition. Milk is also collected from cows receiving non-GMO (≤ 0.9%) feed and grazing. That milk will be used to make Emmental cheese and ultra-fresh products covered by those specifications.

We also give interested dairy farmers the option to produce organic milk and to be monitored by our network of experts.