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Poultry farming

With more than a million square metres of space in coops across Brittany, the Eureden Group has made a name for itself as a leading actor on the French poultry market.

Turkeys, chickens, ducks, fatty ducks, pigeons and more: a vast array of poultry is farmed by Eureden’s producers.

Upstream, technicians and veterinarians specializing in poultry offer day-to-day support for farmers monitoring their production levels.

Downstream, we enjoy diverse outlets to reach industrial clients. LDC, Europe’s number 1 company in the poultry sector, Ronsard (a Eureden subsidiary) and Galliance are our main partners.

Our agreement with WelFarm, the international farm animal protection organization, is an ambitious partnership whose aim is to move towards even more responsible production methods that respect animal dignity.

Thanks to our expertise and the fact of having all the links on the value chain present in Brittany, we have solid assets to help us meet the challenges of tomorrow: setting up new farmers, building renovations, environmental standards, responses to market requirements, animal welfare, and so on.