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The visuals in our media library are available for use by the media to illustrate subjects relating to Eureden or its subsidiaries. Any other use will require the authorization of Eureden, which may be requested via the contact form on this website. Any unauthorized use may incur the user’s liability. Whenever these images are used, please mention Eureden as the source: © Eureden – All rights reserved.

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The merger of Triskalia and the d’aucy Group on 1 January 2020 created Brittany’s new leader in agriculture and agri-food: Eureden.

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Press releases

The new Breton cooperative group EUREDEN signs its inaugural EUR 547 million syndicated loan indexed to CSR criteria

15 October 2020

Less than a year after its birth, the Breton agri-food cooperative group Eureden, which was formed from the union of the d'aucy and Triskalia groups, signed its first syndicated loan on 30 September last.


Eureden makes a concrete commitment to sustainable development and chooses to index its funding to CSR criteria

02 October 2020

Less than a year after its birth, the agro-food cooperative group Eureden, born from the union of the d'aucy and Triskalia cooperatives, chose to index its financing to three social and environmental objectives.


A project that will give structure to the poultry value chain in Brittany and France

27 May 2020

The LDC Group announces the launch of exclusive discussions with the Eureden Group with a view to acquiring the assets of the company Ronsard in Brittany, Aquitaine, Bresse and Ile-de-France. The Ronsard Group, number 4 on the French market for the slaughter and processing of poultry, achieved €160 in turnover and...


Eureden: Birth of Brittany’s leading agri-food co-op

13 December 2020

The Eureden merger has just been approved by the farmers representing the CECAB/D’Aucy and Triskalia co-operatives. The merger will be effective as of 1 January 2020. This new co-operative agri-food group, the fruit of two years of constructive collaboration, aims to achieve an international influence whilst...




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