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One co-operative, multiple business lines

The Eureden co-operative group counts some 18,500 co-op farmers and 8,500 employees, all united around the shared vision of healthy, responsible food for all, with an ongoing concern for meeting the expectations of consumers and society as a whole.

A successful agri-food group

Our performance is based on the commitment of our 6 branches of activity organised around the co-operative.

Our Group is a benchmark player that has firm roots in its historical region, with our decision-making centre in Brittany. We also have multiple sites in France, Hungary and Spain which allow us to meet our clients’ needs in France and internationally. 

Responsible nourishment

We are convinced that feeding humankind well is the most essential job in the world. It is our mission and we’re proud of it.

Being Brittany’s leader in healthy, responsible food is the goal that unites and motivates Eureden’s co-operative farmers and employees each and every day.

Responsible production

Thanks to our advisory and services functions, we offer support and guidance to our producers (dairy, pig, cattle, egg, poultry, vegetable and cereal farmers) on health, technical, environmental and regulatory matters. In order to direct production based on market developments, we invest in experimentation and research into innovative agronomic and zootechnical solutions, making it possible to reconcile operational performance, resource conservation and animal welfare.

Responsible processing

Whether organised in value chains or associated with strategic partnerships, our industrial sites process and promote our farmers’ plant and animal products in the form of high-quality food products that meet consumer expectations. Our product innovation, brand strategies and international presence are in line with our ambition of developing our business in France and abroad, on agri-food markets which generate substantial added value.

Responsible business

Corporate responsibility, based on the three pillars of sustainability (social, environmental and economic), is a major component of Eureden’s strategy. Our status as a leading economic actor charges us with substantial responsibility towards society as well as an expectation for us to serve as a role model, and we fully intend to fulfil these duties. Our co-operative business model and the close proximity between our members and employees are great assets which will help us respond to these major trends.