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Respect for the planet

Given the urgency of climate change, and because resource conservation is a vital issue, we are committed to implementing concrete solutions which are respectful of our planet.

Fighting climate change

To reduce our carbon footprint, we roll out solutions to all of our businesses: optimizing commutes thanks to carpooling, working from home and videoconferencing, developing cleaner transport options, combating digital pollution, adopting eco-design strategies, and so on.

In the fields, at the office, in the factories and on the road, we encourage each employee, each co-op member and each supplier to embrace an eco-responsible attitude. And although this does require changes in how the company operates, and in all our daily lives, there is a real opportunity here!

Taking action to prevent food waste

Wasting food is a societal, environmental, economic and social problem. In response to this issue and to reduce the environmental impact – and especially the climate impact – of food, we work to optimize every link on the production chain.

In the fields, we only produce the quantities ordered. And because every harvest is different and strongly linked to weather conditions during the growing season, we make sure to make the most of any agricultural surpluses, either in the field or through local associations.

Recovering waste

Everyone at the Eureden Group is aware of the need to collect, sort and recover waste, regardless of their position.

For our farmers, we have set up a system to collect agricultural waste, plastic film and packaging.

At our sites, we collect paper, computer hardware, batteries and even cigarette butts so we can give them a new lease on life.

We recover all our food waste, like vegetable peels and egg shells, through circular, local economy projects.

We recover effluents thanks to treatment plants attached to our processing sites.

This recovery of energy and matter helps to conserve natural resources.

Conserving ecosystems and resources

To conserve natural resources and improve environmental performance while maintaining, or even improving, our technical and economic results, we have committed our co-op farmers to an agroecological approach.

Based on the functionalities performed by ecosystems, agroecology aims to reduce the use of phytosanitary products by prioritizing natural enriching agents, replant hedges, grow flowers on fallow land and reduce water consumption levels.

In fact, control over water consumption is a major issue for all our businesses, as is energy usage, and we are implementing innovative solutions to conserve those resources.

What do we do for sustainable development ?