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Respect for the planet

Given the urgency of climate change, and because resource conservation is a vital issue, we are committed to implementing concrete solutions which are respectful of our planet.

Fighting climate change

Whether it’s for freezing or canning vegetables, or producing processed eggs or lardons, operating our industrial tools requires significant consumption of gas or electricity. At the same time, agricultural raw materials, especially those imported for animal feed, are high emitters of greenhouse gases. Based on this observation, and following the carbon assessment carried out on 3 scopes, we are deploying solutions in all our activities. We are committed to increasing the proportion of renewable energies in the energy mix. We are doing so through the production of biogas and bio-NGV through the recovery of co-products, or through the purchase of renewable energy, as is the case at our Spanish sites in particular. And because most of our carbon emissions are generated in upstream activities, particularly in animal nutrition, we are deploying solutions in the field, such as the low-carbon cultivation of rapeseed or the relocation of oilseeds/protein crops to Brittany in order to reduce soya imports.

Whether in the fields, in the office, in the factories or on the road, we encourage every employee, every co-op member and every supplier to adopt an eco-responsible attitude. Even if this requires changing the way the company operates and the daily life of everyone, these are real opportunities!


scopes evaluated for their carbon footprint (year 2019) 


of our electricity consumption in France is supplied by hydraulic power plants


green electricity via photovoltaics for our 3 production sites in Spain


fewer tonnes of soya imported in 2021 thanks to the local production of oilseeds/protein crops

Conserving ecosystems and resources

Biodiversity and the richness of ecosystems, which are vital to mankind, are being depleted more and more every day. It is of the utmost importance to protect and manage them effectively. Because resource protection is at the heart of our concerns, we implement numerous actions within our value chain to reduce and compensate for its negative externalities. Every day, we strive to unite all our employees around this key issue.


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Reducing our plastic footprint

Plastic pollution is one of the main challenges we face today. This is why we endeavour to find alternatives and reduce the use of this resource in the context of our activities, in our packaging but also across production lines, in order to reduce our environmental impact.


less virgin fossil-based plastic in the bags of our Paysan Breton Les Surgelés frozen foods 


recyclable and compostable packaging for our Keltivia range of fresh organic vegetables


the basis of our 100% recyclable and compostable Point Vert and Magasin Vert gift cards 


material now used for all our La Fraîcherie salad bowls.

Opting for a circular economy

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Following the principles of the circular economy aimed at limiting resource waste and the environmental impact of a product, whenever possible, we reduce the use of resources, recover our co-products to transform them into new resources, and recycle the waste we produce. Concrete examples include a water purification process aimed at returning water to its natural environment; the recovery of co-products as organic soil improvers or alternative fuels; the local recovery of cigarette butts; the collection and processing of agricultural plastic waste; and the sale of short-dated products at a lower cost to combat food waste.


So many ways to recover energy and materials and contribute to the preservation of our planet’s resources!


tonnes of plastic agricultural packaging and film collected, making Eureden the no.1 collector in Brittany


of the water we use for our activities is treated and then returned to the natural environment


of organic and plant-based co-products and waste recovered 


food baskets “saved” thanks to the partnership with TooGoodToGo, equating to 18 tonnes of CO2 saved


To learn more about our CSR actions and commitments :

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