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Feeding people well is the most essential job in the world. It is our mission, and we are proud of it.

Feeding people well is the most essential job in the world. It is our mission, and we are proud of it.

Eureden, a co-operative agri-food group from Brittany

The Eureden co-operative group counts some 19,500 co-op farmers and 8,500 employees, all united around the shared vision of healthy, responsible food for all, with an ongoing concern for meeting the expectations of consumers and society as a whole.


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Our commitments to the planet and consumers

Whether farmers or employees, the men and women of Eureden are at the heart of all our actions. Our social responsibility, the basis of our strategic project, relies on the commitment of each and every one of them.

Together, in a context of transition in the agricultural and food industries, we are experimenting and deploying virtuous practices across all farms. These practices are based on technological innovations, respectful livestock practices and agroecology which aims to preserve natural resources. Our ambition is twofold: to produce quality food for all consumers in a manner that is respectful of the planet, and to ensure the sustainability of agriculture in our region with diversified sectors and products that are fairly priced.

This is the true meaning of our tagline, “The land unites us”.

Innovation, our strategic focus

Our sustainable performance depends on our economic, social and environmental effectiveness in our six business lines. This would not be possible without the numerous innovations in products, processes and services across all of Eureden’s branches.

One co-operative, multiple business lines


Thanks to our advisory and services functions, we offer support and guidance to our producers (dairy, pig, cattle, egg, poultry, vegetable and cereal farmers) on health, technical, environmental and regulatory matters. We invest in experimentation and research into innovative agronomic and zootechnical solutions capable of reconciling strong operational performance, resource conservation and animal welfare.

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Eureden is active along the entire value chain (food production, pullet and egg production, shell egg packaging, and prepared egg product manufacturing and marketing), allowing us to guarantee the quality and traceability of all our products (shell eggs and egg products).

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Within the Eureden Group’s Meat branch, Ronsard (specializing in poultry) and Aubret (pork processing and curing) are expanding their expertise in the different regions of France.

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As the French leader in canned vegetables and a major actor on the European frozen vegetables and prepared products market, Eureden is also present in supermarkets and hypermarkets and on the food service market, in France and abroad.

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French leader in canned vegetables, a major player in the European market for frozen vegetables and processed products, Eureden is present both in supermarkets and in the out-of-home catering market, in France and internationally.

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Green distribution has grown substantially at the co-operative over the last 45 years, thanks to a network of more than 130 retail outlets covering all of the administrative departments in Brittany, plus Vendée and Maine-et-Loire. Backed by this unique expertise, embodied in our tagline, “Nature is our business”, our network of shops is the leader in Brittany.

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Regional roots for an international presence

Our strong roots in our co-operative region of Brittany are the basis for our expansion on growth markets in France and abroad. The Eureden Group’s different branches and brands market their products around the world.

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