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Feeding humankind well is the most essential mission in the world. It is our mission, and we are proud of it.

Eureden, a co-operative agri-food group from Brittany

The merger of Triskalia and the d’aucy Group on 1 January 2020 created Brittany’s new leader in agriculture and agri-food: Eureden.

Our new co-operative group, Eureden, counts some 20,000 co-op farmers and 9000 employees, all united around the shared vision of healthy, responsible food for all, with an ongoing concern for meeting the expectations of consumers and society as a whole.

> 20,000

co-operative farmers

> 300

retail outlets

> 3

billion in turn-over

> 9,000


> 60

industrial sites

Eureden, committed to people and the planet

Together, we, the co-operative farmers and employees of Eureden, are optimistically and enthusiastically committed to taking up the social, economic and environmental challenges facing society today. In a context of the agricultural and food transition in which we intend to play an active role, we innovate to support our co-op members in the shift towards diversified, sustainable agriculture and to develop high quality food which is accessible to all. Because we are aware of our environmental responsibilities, we are committed to reducing the impact of our activities on the planet. As a major actor in the economies of the regions where we operate, we contribute to their development, just as we contribute to the development of the women and men who are at the heart of our actions. Built on the commitment of all our employees and farmers, our corporate responsibility is based on our tagline, “The Land unites us”, and gives meaning to Eureden’s strategic project through five different action areas.

Innovation, our strategic focus

For Eureden, innovation is a major strategic orientation for the agriculture and food of tomorrow. Taking an approach which involves collaborating with various start-ups to effect an agroecological transition, we work hard each day to provide innovative agronomic and technological solutions to our members, in the interest of efficient, responsible agriculture. And the many innovations we have developed in our products, processes and services concern each of the Eureden Group’s business lines.

One co-operative, multiple business lines

Strategic partnerships

In parallel to our internal processing chains, we have long maintained strategic partnerships with manufacturers, each in their area of expertise, for our dairy, cattle and pig businesses in particular.


Strong brands

Our main locations

Regional roots for an international presence

Our strong roots in our co-operative region of Brittany are the basis for our expansion on growth markets in France and abroad. The Eureden Group’s different branches and brands market their products around the world.

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