With Eureden, Breton farmers are deciding their future
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are becoming*

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Together, Breton farmers are deciding their future!

*As of 1 January 2020, subject to the approval of the French Competition Authority,
the union of Groupe d’aucy and Triskalia activities will take effect.

This will be followed by the merger of the two cooperatives in late 2020.

Eureden, a mutual project


Driven by cooperative values, the Union of the
two Groups aims to become a
leading player in cooperative agribusiness thanks to:

• The development of farms in Brittany in a context of agricultural transformation;
• The commitment of its members and the creation of value within promising agri-food supply chains;
• Consumer access to food products that are healthy and adapted to all kinds of lifestyles;
• The position of its innovations, brands and supply chains on an international scale.

Eureden vision


With strong roots in Brittany, the Union of the two Groups has set its sights on becoming the leading player in cooperative agribusiness, rooted in the region yet with an international influence.

For the benefit of its members, this Union intends to develop competitive farming and agri-food supply chains that are innovative, connected, sustainable and able to create real value, meeting the needs of consumers and the company.

Eureden ambition


The objective: to increase turnover from €3 billion to €5 billion, based on:

• Growth in our long-standing business lines (agriculture, agribusiness and distribution);
• Diversification (e.g. alternative production methods, digital agriculture);
• Development of multi-channel systems (e.g. distance selling, local networks, e-commerce);
• Development on an international scale;
• Development of brands in France and abroad;
• External growth.

For a real pursuit of creation and distribution of value.

Eureden objective
The Eureden project: key figures

The Eureden project: key figures











An innovation-driven project for member farmers and consumers

Serge Le Bartz, President of Groupe d'aucy and Georges Galardon, President of Tiskalia.

This project demonstrates our ability to reinvent ourselves, as producers, for the benefit of consumers. The convergence of views greatly informed our reflection prior to launching this joint 50-50 project, which we seek to develop for farmers and for Brittany.

Alain Perrin, Managing Director of Groupe d'aucy and Dominique Ciccone, Managing Director of Triskalia.

The size of this project will enable us to implement new growth strategies, both locally and internationally, and establish new ways of communicating with our customers.

Presidents and Directors of Groupe d'aucy and Triskalia join forces to create Eureden Group

Alain Perrin, Georges Galardon, Serge Le Bartz, Dominique Ciccone

Eureden, a project embodied by strong brands