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The Eureden Group is active along the entire value chain (food production, pullet and egg production, shell egg packaging, and prepared egg product manufacturing and marketing), allowing us to guarantee the quality and traceability of all our products, from shell eggs to egg products.

Eggs and egg-based products

The eggs produced by Eureden’s co-op farmers are packed via La Ferme de Kervenac’h packaging centre, processed by Cocotine’s egg product manufacturing sites and sold by Eureden’s egg marketing division to a varied clientele (food service, egg product manufacturers, packaging centres, export, etc.).

Our Cocotine brand makes us a leading actor in the field of cooked prepared products (hard-boiled eggs, omelettes, poached eggs, fried eggs, beaten egg whites, etc.) and liquid egg products (whites, yolks and whole eggs), mostly for use in food service and industry.

Cocotine, no. 1 in France for egg-based produced

The Cocotine brand means 220 farmers and 7.4 million laying hens, covered by six production sites, in Brittany but also in Vendée, Sologne and the north of France, which process and package 31,000 tonnes of eggs, 80% fresh and 20% frozen.

Cocotine is only distributed to institutional caterers, restaurants and industry. Its flagship products are omelettes, soft-boiled eggs, poached eggs, fried eggs and pasteurized eggs.

The brand also packages liquid egg whites, yolks and whole eggs to meet the specific needs of industry and institutional catering.

Growth in France and abroad

After successfully differentiating itself from the competition thanks to a reinforced quality, traceability and innovation strategy, particularly for its range of fresh and extra-fresh eggs, Cocotine is now the number 1 French manufacturer of egg-based products, with brand recognition and customer satisfaction on the rise from one year to the next.

Cocotine’s exports account for 13% of its volume, shipped to Europe and the Middle East. In this area, it is continuing to grow thanks to flagship products like half-moon omelettes, liquid egg products and poached eggs, which had a record-breaking year in the UK in 2018!

Transition to alternative egg production methods

To its employees and 220 farmers in the producers’ group, Cocotine is a brand that unites people around strong values. For example, Cocotine has begun its transition to 100% alternative eggs by 2025.

And Eureden is supporting the farmers in their transition.



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