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Co-operative, social engagement

Respect for people is a core value at Eureden, which espouses three strong values: engagement, co-operation and trust. Co-operative and social commitment is at the heart of Eureden’s strategic project. Over and above mere statements of intent, our CSR is based on the concrete engagement of all our employees and co-op members and on our tagline, #TheLandUnitesUs, and gives meaning to the Group’s strategic plans.

Contributing to the development of each individual

Men and women are the heart of Eureden.

Whether employees or co-op members, we provide concrete support and strive to ensure health, safety and well-being at work. Through training plans and talent pools, but also by encouraging collective creation and interdisciplinarity, Eureden allows everyone to develop their skills and get involved in practical ways that are in line with their aspirations. And at a time when we are witnessing the emergence of new work methods, the creation of Eureden and its multi-site organisation is an opportunity to invent new, more cross-cutting management methods which are more respectful of people, encourage flexibility and make our work meaningful. We are moving forward together in accordance with Eureden’s values of engagement, co-operation and trust, so we can build an effective, sustainable company.


of employees benefited from at least one training course in 2021


of women in Eureden’s governance bodies: the target for 2025.

Embodying co-operative values

Solidarity is central to our values.

As a concrete example, the equalisation funds, to which members contribute, make it possible to deal with uncertainties linked to the climate or breeding. Another specificity of the co-operative is the redistribution of part of the net income to co-op farmers. In 2021, 53% of income was returned to the co-operative’s farmers in the form of rebates and interest. Finally, in order to reconcile the issues of eating well and growing well, to recreate a connection between farmers and consumers and thus contribute to the dual food and agricultural transition, the co-operative supports farmers committed to agroecology at various levels, whether it be through the loan of equipment, specific agronomic advice, or financial support through contributions from consumers to get better value from HVE, organic or converted products.


paid to d’aucy vegetable and Paysan Breton producers taking an agroecological approach 


of the net income redistributed to the co-operative’s farmers in 2021.


To learn more about our CSR actions and commitments :

Download the 2022-2023 integrated report