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Co-operative, social engagement

Respect for people is a core value at Eureden, which espouses three strong values: engagement, co-operation and trust.

Corporate responsibility is at the heart of Eureden’s strategic plans. Over and above mere statements of intent, our CSR is based on the concrete engagement of all our employees and co-op members and on our tagline, #TheLandUnitesUs, and gives meaning to the Group’s strategic plans.

It also gives meaning to everyone who makes Eureden what it is today. Our men and women are the very heart of Eureden. We support everyone in concrete ways, whether they are employees or co-op members. Through training plans and talent pools, but also by encouraging collective creation and interdisciplinarity, Eureden allows everyone to develop their skills and engage in concrete ways which are in line with their aspirations. And at a time when we are witnessing the emergence of new work methods, the creation of Eureden, and its multi-site organization, is an opportunity to invent new, more cross-cutting management methods which are more respectful of people, encourage flexibility and make our work meaningful.

More broadly speaking, we build by involving all of our stakeholders, including clients, consumers and NGOs, which whom we reflect, discuss and innovate to ensure we are attuned to societal expectations.

We advance together in accordance with Eureden’s values of engagement, co-operation and trust, so we can build an effective, sustainable company.