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Quality food for all

Feeding humankind well by offering accessible, high quality food: this is our mission, and we innovate to offer options to all consumers and all citizens searching for meaning, by focusing all our requirements on quality.

Controlling quality

At a time when 80% of consumers report that they have changed some of their daily habits to reduce the impact of their consumption on their health and the planet*, quality requirements are higher than ever. Thanks to our co-operative model and our organization of value chains for most of our products, we are able to guarantee that quality, because we control every link on the production chain.

Out of concern for developing healthy food, we are committed to the nutritional values of our products and have instituted a clean label strategy (no sodium, no additives and no preservatives). In addition, because appearance, texture and smell are as important as taste, we are also committed to the sensory quality of our products.

* 2019 Greenflex/ADEME responsible consumption barometer

Offering protein which is accessible to all

In view of the increasing popularity of flexitarianism, and to meet daily nutritional requirements, we are developing product lines based on dried legumes and cereals, that will be available via multiple distribution channels (food service and super/hypermarkets).

Just like eggs, which we offer in any form for industrialists and for the food service sector, these products are rich in protein and can be widely enjoyed.

Enhancing transparency

Given that we are involved at every step in food production, from sowing to marketing, we are able to provide a response to consumers who expect more and more transparency in the origins of the products they ingest.

And because transparency is also essential to us, we encourage our co-op farmers to open their farms to the public. With pride in their work and their products, they also serve as brand ambassadors and come to engage with consumers and trade fairs and on social networks.