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Affordable, high-quality food

From labelled products which are a sign of quality and resource conservation, to vegetable ranges rich in proteins, and short supply chains, we are constantly reinventing ourselves. Through our brands and thanks to the commitment of all, co-operative farmers and employees alike, we are innovating to offer food that combines pleasure, health and ethics, thus offering a response to new food trends and the expectations of consumers, who are looking for transparency, proximity and quality.

Controlling quality

At a time when 80% of consumers report that they have changed some of their daily habits to reduce the impact of their consumption* on their health and the planet, quality requirements are higher than ever. Thanks to our co-operative model and our organisation in value chains for most of our products, we are able to guarantee such quality by controlling every link on the production chain. 

Out of concern for developing healthy food, we are committed to the nutritional values of our products and have instituted a clean label strategy (no sodium, no additives and no preservatives). In addition, because appearance, texture and smell are as important as taste, we are also committed to the sensory quality of our products.

*2019 Greenflex/ADEME responsible consumption barometer

Labels and certifications that guarantee quality

Thanks to our ranges with Label Rouge, Filière Qualité (quality value chain) and HVE (High Environmental Value) certification, consumers can enjoy products that respect the environment and animals, and which value the work of farmers. For example, in 2021, d’aucy was the first brand to offer a range of jarred vegetables from farms with High Environmental Value certification, while Aubret signed new agreements with distributors and producers to develop Label Rouge and post-weaning antibiotic-free lardons.


Cocotine products made using free-range eggs with environmental certification


Eureden products with a quality label (organic, Label Rouge, environmental certification 2 or 3)


of Aubret’s pork supply is of French origin


cents paid to committed farmers for each jar of D’aucy Bien Cultivés vegetables

Development of short supply chains

In 2020, we launched our short supply chain concept: Le Récolteur. Through this concept, the co-operative collects the products of co-op farmers directly from their farms: fruit and vegetables, dairy products, meat, eggs, ice cream, honey, etc. The farmers (130 in 2021) take care of packaging the products, while the co-operative sells them via a dedicated Le Récolteur space in nine shops in the Point Vert and Magasin Vert networks and in vending machines. A simple, effective and responsible concept!


km between the farm and the shop


farmers supplying the Le Récolteur short supply chain network

Combating hunger with potatoes

Identified as one of the solutions to food insecurity in many countries, the potato will see 2% annual growth until 2050, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. Many countries are beginning to discover potato cultivation. This is why, every year, we export 18,000 tonnes of seed potatoes to Africa and the Middle East to carry out our mission: to feed all populations. Thanks to the quality of Breton seedlings, 70% of the co-operative’s production is currently sold outside mainland France.

To learn more about our CSR actions and commitments :

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