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Regional roots and international influence

Eureden has deep roots in our home region of Brittany. But our Group is also open to the world from a perspective of market penetration. We will be pursuing value and growth on all markets.

Proclaimed Breton roots: Brittany is our head office

Our vision of Eureden is synonymous with our proclaimed regional roots. The decision was made not to have a single head office, but rather to bank on a decentralized organization spread across the region. Ours is a multi-site organization.

This modern, pragmatic choice was based on a desire to assert that the Eureden Group’s head office is all of Brittany. The Group relies on locations throughout our territory (Brittany, France and International) and the development of innovative work methods.

This organization is a response to several objectives:

  • To focus our investments on production and distribution mechanisms, as well as on innovation
  • To establish our upstream and downstream businesses as close as possible to their operational sites
  • To take advantage of new work methods in order to develop collaborative tools and dialogue
  • To foster team diversity and institute a shared culture for our new Group

“La Maison Commune”, a friendly workplace

Thus was created the Maison Commune (communal office) in Quimperlé, the result of a collaborative project involving a large number of our employees, those who would be based at the Maison Commune, and many others.

It is now a space for meetings, discussions and sharing, a far cry from a traditional head office. At the Maison Commune, there are no individual offices, only co-working spaces, conference rooms, a creativity room, and videoconferencing spaces, not to mention the kitchen for socialising. It is arranged in an open plan, dedicated to collaboration and well-suited for nomadic workers.

With this location, we are experimenting with New Forms of Work Organisation (NFWO). These will serve as a major point of leverage in the transformation of the Eureden Group.

International influence

The internationalisation of our versatile co-operative agri-food group is a decisive issue in view of the globalisation of markets, competitors and clients.

Eureden is expanding industrially and commercially, but also geographically, by internationalising some of our business functions.

Our international development serves multiple objectives: to penetrate new markets and attain critical mass on others, particularly vegetables, both frozen and canned.

Our regional roots provide value to our co-op members, while our international dimension provides value to our co-op shareholders. This helps us to grow our equity, our brands and our value chains by offering new opportunities for development.