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Regional development

As a major economic actor, Eureden works alongside many other economic and social actors, helping to boost regional appeal and influence.

Eureden, contributing to regional dynamics and appeal

With 20,000 co-op farmers in Brittany, 9,000 employees and many more indirect and induced jobs, Eureden is a major agri-food actor and substantially advances the dynamics of the regions where we operate, particularly Brittany, which is home to ¾ of our jobs and infrastructure.

Beyond those jobs and the quality of life in the workplace for which we are responsible, we lead concrete actions to promote regional dynamics and appeal.

With a network of trainers, teachers at schools in western France, seminar speakers and technical advisors to farmers, we aim to share our know-how and contribute our expertise to the fields of agriculture and agri-food, as well as to many of the Group’s businesses.

Innovation is a major strategic area for the agriculture and agri-food of tomorrow and is essential to Eureden. As a result, we support the development of multiple startups through partnerships and are engaged in innovative projects in the region, like Liger in Locminé and the LIT Ouesterel territorial innovation lab.

As a sponsor of sports, we have helped a number of major clubs in our regions to grow, inspired by our shared values of commitment, solidarity and competition.

Through our engagement in the social and solidarity economy, we have forged lasting partnerships with many associations, as well as a variety of social insertion and professional integration establishments.

Lastly, because we are a farmers’ co-operative, we actively shape the landscape, contributing to the preservation of Brittany’s aesthetic and environmental heritage.