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An innovative and successful agri-food group

Our sustainable performance depends on our economic, social and environmental effectiveness in our six business lines. This would not be possible without the numerous innovations in products, processes and services across all of Eureden’s branches.

Major strategic focus for the future of agriculture and food

Eureden sees innovation as a major strategic focus for the future of farming and food production. Our innovations in products, processes and services span our entire operation, both in France and abroad, including the agroecological transition, decarbonisation, digitalisation, industrial optimisation, new technologies and more.

Innovation at Eureden is collaborative and cross-cutting, both close to customers and in line with the challenges of the future of agriculture

The R&D departments of our branches work closely with customers to offer innovative solutions and products that meet their expectations. Eureden has five R&D teams in the field of frozen food, ready-made meals, egg products and pork processing (2).

A cross-cutting approach

This customer proximity is complemented by a cross-cutting approach provided by the Group’s Innovation Department in order to: 

  • share good practices (monitoring, innovation methodology) and a common vision of innovation areas,
  • bring out new ideas with the business lines (agricultural production, food processing and distribution) to meet current and future challenges,
  • accelerate the operational implementation of innovative projects to create value internally and among our members,
  • involve our customers and suppliers in the construction of new economic models that are profitable for the entire value chain.


Innovation at Eureden is also open and outward-looking, which is reflected in a number of strong and engaging partnerships:

Our main areas of innovation


#1: Enhancing the value of digital technology from upstream to downstream

We are mobilised around digital issues and the use of data. We are particularly attentive to improving the productivity of our co-op farms, to the traceability of their products and to the digitalisation of processes, including during transformation (Factory of the Future).



#2: Developing local and/or alternative protein sources 

Consumers have high expectations regarding the diversification of protein sources for both food and feed. In this sense, we participate in the local development (production by our co-op farmers) of legumes for animal and human consumption. Our R&D teams then intervene to integrate these vegetable proteins into our recipes.



#3: Adapting to new consumption and distribution patterns

We are adapting to new distribution channels, be they e-commerce, short or local supply chains.


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#4: Improving production practices 

Expectations (from society and from our members) encourage us to develop new production practices, in particular through research into agroecology and animal welfare.

Our commitments to diversified, sustainable agriculture



#5: Decarbonising activities and participating in the energy transition

Aware of the impacts of our activities, we are actively working to understand the levers that would allow us to improve the economic performance of the Group’s activities and those of our members, in light of the challenges of climate change and dependence on fossil fuels.

Our commitments to the planet