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Join the Eureden adventure, for today and for tomorrow, for you and for others!

Above all else, Eureden stands for a strong, committed mission: innovating to feed humankind well through sustainable, healthy food. It also stands for a firm ambition: to share our expertise with the world while staying true to our regional roots and the associated values. Finally, Eureden stands for a fantastic human adventure involving more than 8,500 men and women who look to the future with optimism so that we can all grow together.

A human adventure to #FeedHumankindWell

We offer careers in every field

Between agri-food, agriculture, distribution, support functions and more, the fields of work at Eureden are highly varied, with multiple opportunities. Most of these positions are in western France, but also throughout the country and abroad (with three factories in Spain and one in Hungary) and open to graduates, plus a wide array of work-study openings.

There is something for everyone at Eureden!

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We help to feed humankind well

One of Eureden’s strengths lies undoubtedly in our co-operative backbone and the engaged values that this entails. Everything here is focused on the ongoing pursuit of food quality, for today and for tomorrow. Because we control the entire value chain, from production to distribution by way of processing, we are able to market foods which meet consumer expectations and satisfy the challenges of modern agriculture.

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of employees participated in at least one training course in 2021


apprenticeship and work-study contracts in the total physical workforce


of employees say they feel happy at Eureden (2020 survey)


employee turnover

Men and women are the heart of Eureden

We are a team of 8,500

In Brittany, France and abroad, Eureden strives to create a human community that shares strong, engaged values. Fairness is the key word for us when it comes to hiring and promoting men and women, young and old, newcomers and seasoned professionals.

The size of our company and the diversity of our businesses and professions are all points which favour internal mobility and allow all our team members to plan for the future from a dynamic professional perspective. More than just a job, Eureden offers a professional adventure.

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We devise the food of tomorrow

Innovating to feed people better is our core purpose at Eureden, and each and every one of us, whatever our role, contributes to this shared mission. Innovating means putting new technologies to work for healthy, sustainable food. Innovating also means relying on Research & Development teams that design environmentally friendly programmes and methods. Finally, innovating means developing projects and implementing actions which support our team members’ careers.

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We are building on responsible agriculture

Eureden guides our farmers so they can “produce more and better from less through innovation” thanks to an approach that encompasses all of our agroecology and sustainability actions. This is how we at Eureden reassert our co-operative’s primary purpose: producing food by and for people, while reconciling the pressures of economics, societal expectations and resource conservation. Working at Eureden also means sharing a state of mind.

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