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Pig farming

A major actor on Brittany’s pig market, Eureden’s pig farming group provides day-to-day advice to many farmers (at 650 livestock sites) on every step in the management of their farms, from genetic choices to pig sales.

Our pig farming group is reinforcing its position by tackling the challenges facing the profession: economic competitiveness, setting up young farmers, environmental conservation, reduction of antibiotic use, biosafety, etc. Specialized teams are committed to providing solutions to farmers in every domain: marketing, technology, facilities, environment, startup transactions, reorganization, health, genetics, animal nutrition, animal transport, and so on.

We are positioned as a key supplier of Bigard/Socopa, with which many quality value chains have been developed (Opale Red Label, Omega-3 pork Bleu Blanc Coeur, GMO-free value chain, Herta preferred value chain, and the list goes on).

Our partnership with Système U for the supply of pork for the U brand’s entire charcuterie line grows stronger each year, with a fair distribution of the added value between the different actors on the value chain. The group also adheres to the “Cochon de Bretagne” (“Breton Pig”) criteria.

For several years now, our group’s Red Label Pork producers have been organizing on-site activities throughout France (at Auchan and Lidl supermarkets, food service establishments, etc.) to promote our products directly to consumers. This type of tactic is likely to be applied more frequently in the coming years, to bring consumers and producers together.

We are also involved in setting public pricing through sales via the Breton Pig Market (MPB).