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Our main brands

Our main brands and chains

Our diverse, well-known brands drive our growth and offer consumers delicious, healthy products with something for everyone, both in France and abroad. The fruit of the labour of our farmers is marketed under various brand names that consumers appreciate and trust.

With a presence throughout Brittany, the Eureden Group’s different retail outlets sell a wide array of products for both consumers and professionals.

d’aucy, diversified agriculture and clean labels

As one of the French leaders in canned vegetables and available in all hyper/supermarkets, the products of our flagship brand, d’aucy, are sold through its various distribution channels. Mainly in Brittany, but also in the major vegetable production areas in France, our vegetables are grown by 1,500 co-operative farmers who are passionate about their work and attached to their brands.


Paysan Breton, the brand to follow in the frozen food section

The Paysan Breton brand was created in 1969 in the heart of the Finistère countryside. 1,300 Eureden co-operative farmers work their lands throughout the year to provide us with their best vegetables. Our vegetables are field-grown, harvested when they are ripe, at the height of the season, then washed, prepared and frozen within a few hours of being harvested at our site in Loudéac, in the heart of Brittany.


Magasin Vert, city garden centers

Our Magasin Vert shops are garden centres located in towns and cities. For Magasin Vert customers, a garden is a living space where people can rest and recharge, each in their own way. It can be a place of relaxation or sharing, a work of art or a playground, for subsistence crops or for wonder. The Magasin Vert mission is to enable everyone to find their inspiration, design a project, complete it and maintain it, thanks to friendly, informed advice from the staff. It aims to be the multi-style gardening chain whose network of enticing shops offers goods and services relating to plants, décor and pets. Its motto is “inspiring nature to be experienced”.


Point Vert, the local multi-specialist

Our Point Vert shops are local self-service agricultural outlets with multiple specialities, in rural and semi-urban areas (“rurban” populations). Thanks to its agricultural roots and co-operative values, Point Vert embodies the response to our clientele’s desire for rurality and fosters the transmission of know-how. It aims to offer goods and services relating to the home and garden, as well as pets, through a network of local shops. As a result, it has become an essential chain in rural areas.


La Fraîcherie: freshness for your taste buds

At La Fraîcherie, on a daily basis, we provide our customers with healthy, plant-based and gourmet food, made exclusively from fresh produce. Located in the fruit and vegetable section of our partner shops, we offer a multitude of recipes freshly prepared on-site.


Cocotine, the French leader in egg-based products for the food service industry:

Through our Cocotine brand, we are a leading player in the field of cooked egg products (hard-boiled eggs, omelettes, poached eggs, fried eggs, whisked egg whites, etc.) and liquid egg products (whites, yolks, whole eggs) intended mainly for the food service industry. With 220 products, Cocotine offers the widest range on the market and guarantees that most of its products are “eggs from France”. Through our Cocotine brand and its reputation (known among 50% of restaurant chefs), we want to make life easier for chefs and bakers with our 3 product categories: ready-to-cook (liquid egg products), ready-to-use (poached and hard-boiled eggs, etc.) and ready-to-serve (omelettes, fried eggs, etc.)


Jean Nicolas, Breton canner since 1930

With its typically Breton identity, Jean Nicolas offers taste and pleasure through gourmet vegetables in jars and cans produced using near-artisanal methods. The brand’s traditional local know-how has been delighting Breton people for almost 90 years! It is also committed to the development of Breton vegetables, local employment, and natural quality products, among other things. These commitments are part of who we are, who we’ve always been and who we always will be!



Our Globus factory is one of the most traditional canneries in Hungary! The brand has been producing canned fruit and vegetables since 1924 and has a presence in several countries. As quality is very important to us, we do not use any additives or preservatives. Our canned vegetables are fresh and 100% natural in order to offer our customers delicious and healthy recipes all year round.


Philippe Wagner, naturalness and terroir in the charcuterie department

Philippe Wagner, launched in 2019 by André Bazin, is a brand of charcuterie made with 100% natural ingredients to rediscover the authentic flavors and all the pleasure of real charcuterie by combining tradition and innovation. It is the only range of charcuterie so wide and varied, distributed in supermarkets and hypermarkets to be made with only selected French pork, natural spices, fine salt without nitrite and that’s it!

Aubret, 1st French manufacturer of lardons in France

Aubret is involved in multiple fields of activity with the manufacture of raw and cooked charcuterie. It mainly processes pork meat while diversifying its activities with poultry-based products. 1st European manufacturer of lardons, a key player in the charcuterie and cured meats industry in France, nearly 38,000 tons of finished products are marketed each year.