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Our “eating well” ambition

As the third-largest versatile co-operative group in France, Eureden aims to become the agricultural and agri-food leader in Eating Well.

Our mission

We are convinced that feeding humankind well is the most essential job in the world. It is our mission and we’re proud of it.

We are optimistically and enthusiastically committed to imagining an ever more responsible model of agriculture and affordable, high-quality food. Thanks to the diversity of our farmers and the agricultural practices in Brittany, we can contribute to the transformation of French agriculture and its international influence.

Discover our commitments

Serge Le Bartz and Alain Perrin.

Eureden Co-operative Chairman and Eureden Group Managing Director

“As Brittany’s leading co-operative agri-food group, our responsibility is to improve the quality of consumer offerings, while ensuring that farmers receive a fair and stable income. Co-op farmers, employees, partners… each in their own way is an essential link in the agri-food chain, working toward the same objective: bringing responsible food to consumers.”  

Our goal

We work with our co-op farmers to anticipate new consumer trends. In doing so, Eureden plans to develop diverse, competitive and connected agriculture which is respectful of Mother Earth. This method of agriculture will form the foundation for the development of agri-food value chains that create value to be shared between the co-operative, the farmers and consumers.


Our developmental ambition is based on diversification, innovation, multi-channel sales, international operations, brand names and external growth.

From Brittany to the world, we are proud to show off our values of commitment, co-operation and trust.