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Within the Eureden Group’s Meat branch, Ronsard (specializing in poultry) and Aubret (pork processing and curing) are expanding their expertise in the different regions of France.

Ronsard, the poultry specialist

Specializing in the slaughter and processing of chickens, turkeys and free range poultry, Ronsard is a major actor in the world of poultry, in France and abroad. Our poultry subsidiary has seven industrial facilities in the heart of the main French poultry regions (Brittany, Southwest, Orléanais and Bresse) and sells more than 50,000 tonnes of products, including 23% exports, primarily for Europe, Africa and the Caribbean.

As poultry specialists, we offer a diverse range designed for various markets (mass market consumer goods, food service and export), running the gamut from standard products to the most elaborate, including poultry with a quality seal, slow growing chickens raised without antibiotics, and cooked products.

The company is recognized by professionals, including great chefs and the Concours Agricole competition, as witnessed by our supply of Bresse poultry for the Bocuse d’Or competition, the two “excellence awards” won by our Losse site and the 39 medals earned over the last five years at the Concours Général Agricole.

Ronsard possesses many quality certifications, including IFS (International Food Standard) and BRC (British Retail Consortium). Our ISO 50001 certification for energy management is part of the Eureden Group’s sustainability strategy.


  • 825 employees
  • 7 production sites in France
  • 50,000 tonnes of products sold
  • €185 million in annual turnover
  • 23% of sales to export markets
  • 695 partner farmers (including the Eureden poultry producers’ organization in Brittany)

Aubret, the top French manufacturer of bacon pieces and a major actor in French charcuterie under clients’ private labels

We specialize in charcuterie culinary aids and have been processing pork belly and choice cuts of poultry for more than 40 years.

As a major actor in the field of curing and the number 1 French manufacturer of bacon lardons, we sell close to 41,000 tonnes of finished products every year, including 37,000 tonnes of cured meat and 4,000 tonnes of co-products from de-boned meat, for annual turnover of €139 million.

650 employees actively contribute to this wonderful adventure that is our company, based in Vallons-de-l’Erdre in the Loire-Atlantique department, making us one of the biggest employers in the Ancenis region.

Attentive to customer expectations

Each and every day, we strive to meet our clients’ demands and to satisfy consumers who are concerned about their diet, by offering products of superior quality for creative, flavourful cuisine (made in France, Red Label, organic, nitrite-free, antibiotic-free, etc.).

On the path towards a nutrition transition, it is important to us to develop charcuterie products which satisfy changing societal expectations by engaging in approaches that are responsible in respect of people, animal welfare and the environment. 

A responsible policy

In that interest, we rely on a strict selection process for our suppliers. Good manufacturing practices and quality controls are applied throughout the production chain.

We ensure that our products are traceable, from the raw materials to delivery to our clients.

In addition, to reduce our environmental impact and optimize our consumption of water, electricity and gas, our company is currently in the process of obtaining ISO 14001 certification. In parallel, ongoing work is carried out to optimize our packaging, for example by reducing the thickness of the films we use on trays of bacon pieces.

  • 650 employees
  • 1 single location in the Loire-Atlantique department with 4 production sites
  • 41,700 m² of covered, refrigerated space
  • 41,000 tonnes of products sold
  • Distribution networks: super/hypermarkets (62%), intermediary food products (16%), export (13%) and food service (9%)
  • Our areas of expertise: raw culinary aids (49%), cooked charcuterie (21%), cooked culinary aids (16%), ribs (10%) and prepared culinary specialities (4%)