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Eureden's ambition is to become the leader in charcuterie and cured meats in France through its meat division. Aubret and André Bazin are both specialists in raw and cooked culinary aids and are committed to offering ever higher quality charcuterie. They rely on quality chains, promote their specialities and regional brands, innovate with a view to transparency and naturalness, and deploy multi-species offers.

Aubret, the top French manufacturer of bacon pieces and a major actor in French charcuterie under clients’ private labels

50 years dedicated to developing true charcuterie know-how.

Aubret is involved in a wide range of activities with the manufacture of raw and cooked charcuterie. It mainly processes pork, but has also diversified its activities with poultry-based products. Aubret is Europe’s leading manufacturer of lardons and a key player in the charcuterie and cured meat industry in France. Every year, it sells close to 38,000 tonnes of finished products, for annual turnover of €154 million. As an expert in custom cuts, 4,000 tonnes of ribs and other co-products from de-boned pork leave the cutting plant each year.

It is a company of human scale. With 678 employees, including 584 permanent staff, Aubret, based in Vallons de l’Erdre, is one of the leading employers in the Ancenis region of Loire-Atlantique.

Our key figures



41,000 m²

of covered, refrigerated space


tonnes of products sold


million in turnover

Attentive to societal expectations and the requirements of our B2B customers

Aubret is committed to satisfying its customers and meeting their requirements, considering charcuterie to be one of the strongest links in French gastronomy.

For several years, the company has been committed to the food transition, listening to the expectations of our users who are concerned about their diet and the content of their dishes. With a view to transparency and to meet new social expectations, all recipes are optimised using as few ingredients as possible and raw materials of French origin. 

In our developments, we use recognised signs of quality, including Label Rouge, the official mark of superior quality par excellence, organic, antibiotic-free, and not forgetting the nitrite-free preservation of charcuterie, a reassuring feature that is very widely acclaimed by consumers.

Aubret’s culinary solutions are perfectly in tune with the times, with multiple culinary applications that are synonymous with practicality, time saving and enjoyment.

A responsible and committed policy

Since its creation, Aubret has endeavoured to develop its modern, high-performance industrial facilities. Improving the health and safety of employees, regularly renewing equipment to keep up with new technologies, and responding to market performance issues are all part of its DNA.

We place great importance on the quality of the products we manufacture, selecting raw materials from approved suppliers and referenced by us according to very precise criteria. Controls are carried out throughout the production chain to ensure that our customers receive products of consistent quality while respecting the requirements of their specifications.

We have initiated an environmental approach based on the ISO 14001 standard.

Thus, various measures to reduce our impact on the environment have been instigated, such as reducing the thickness of the film used on bacon trays, sorting and recycling waste, reducing waste, treating waste water and optimising energy use.

Strong partnerships are being forged between upstream and downstream branches to develop quality value chains. In 2021, a three-way agreement was signed between Aubret, the Opale livestock farmers from the Eureden pork group, and the Lidl brand, thereby formalising the supply of Label Rouge pork strips. Agreement renewed in 2022 during the International Agricultural Show, a sign of confidence and transparency. Other partnerships have been formed, in particular with Carrefour and its Quality value chain with the launch of two bacon products free from post-weaning antibiotics, highlighting our pig farmers.

The aim is to ensure a fairer distribution of value from the field to the plate, as well as job sustainability for our breeders in rural areas with a view to feed people better by offering quality charcuterie.

55% of Eureden pig farmers from the Eureden pork group are committed to a quality value chain, including Label Rouge, and 72% of our pork supplies are of French origin. The quality value chains enhance the know-how of our farmers and allow for the gradual improvement of animal welfare practices in rearing conditions, along with rational use of antibiotic treatments, and enhanced hygiene and bio-safety rules. They are also a guarantee of products that combine taste and good value for money.

André Bazin, a passion for taste

A multi-specialist company

André Bazin specialises in charcuterie products for the ready-meal industry, wholesalers/distributors and large retailers. Based in Breuches (Haute-Saône), this company with a human touch employs more than 330 people to manufacture more than 20,000 tonnes of cured and cooked meat products per year. Thanks to its diverse product expertise (cured meats, charcuterie, sausages, cooked meats, etc.), the company supplies more than 500 food specialist customers, from multinationals to local SMEs.

Product quality and innovation

With strong regional roots, our company is also a specialist in traditional Franc-Comtoise sausage products through the production of Morteau sausages and PGI Montbéliard sausages. Upholding founder André Bazin’s passion for charcuterie, chairman Philippe Wagner and his teams continue to safeguard the values of product quality, customer service and innovation, in place since 1954.

Our key figures




tonnes of products sold


million in turnover


largest French charcutier

Philippe Wagner: natural, local charcuterie


After two years of research and development, André Bazin is unveiling its new premium range of charcuterie under the Philippe Wagner brand, available in the self-service fresh produce aisle. The products are made in France with 100% natural ingredients, nitrite-free salt, and no added sugars or synthetic preservatives. This complete, varied, nitrite-free range will meet all your needs in the self-service aisle and deli counters of your nearest shop: Morteau and Montbéliard PGI sausages, old-fashioned knack sausages, country bacon and lardons, sauerkraut, hams… (re)discover the real flavour of authentic, good charcuterie! Enjoy the flavour of traditional charcuterie in refined recipes that combine know-how and authenticity.

Every day, Aubret and André Bazin strive to help men and women prepare their meals by offering practical and tasty culinary solutions for ever more creative cuisine!

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