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Our co-operative values

As a co-operative, our governance is based on the principle of one vote per person and on the threefold capacity of our members as partners, farmers and customers. As such, Eureden contributes to local development and cultivates competitive, sustainable, and transitional forms of agriculture.

A co-operative that belongs to its farmers

Because transparency and democracy are part of our DNA, our governance is based on the principle of “one person, one vote”. As such, our 18,500 members are represented in decision-making bodies by the 325 elected farmers from across Brittany who produce animal and plant products for the co-operative. The Board of Directors, which defines the Group’s strategies, is made up of farmers elected to their positions, who are representative of the different regions and product lines.

Each member farmer can thus influence their co-operative’s plans, regardless of the size of their operation, and actively participate in Eureden’s project for an in-depth transformation in response to our changing world: agroecological transition, societal expectations, digitisation, etc. They thus have a threefold capacity as partners, farmers and customers of the Group. They elect their 325 representatives on the principle of 1 person = 1 vote.

The co-operative group is a democratic business model with modern governance founded on the values of responsibility, solidarity, fairness and transparency.

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18 500

co-operative farmers.


of positions on Eureden’s governance bodies filled by women : the objective for 2025.


elected farmers.


in 3 young Breton farmers get set up with Eureden.