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Vegetable cultivation for industry

To provide quality vegetables that meet consumer expectations, our member farmers are assisted by co-op experts throughout the season, from the choice of variety to the harvest. They are committed to environmental certification and agroecology, and are located close to our production sites. Once harvested, the vegetables are canned or frozen in the Group’s factories.

Vegetables grown for canning or freezing

A presence in all of the agro-climatic zones of Brittany and Pays de la Loire, a complete range of vegetables, substantial high-performance harvesting and logistics resources, and a strong commitment to alternative production methods, organic farming, etc.: thanks to these precious advantages, Eureden’s industrial vegetable farmers effectively meet consumer expectations and the needs of major industrial partners on the frozen and canned vegetable markets.

Our producers are committed to traced, environmentally friendly agricultural practices, verified by an external certification agency, via the d’aucy charter and the Agri Confiance approach with NF V01-007 certification. In addition, these two approaches have obtained Level 2 environmental certification from the French Ministry of Agriculture.

This underscores the concrete, proactive actions of our farmers’ organizations in favour of alternative methods: mechanical weed control, natural compounds certified for organic farming, robotics, drones, insect traps, varieties selected for their disease resistance, and so on. All of these are examples of techniques which reduce the need for inputs and to only use treatments when truly necessary.

We harvest all the vegetables by means of specialized harvest personnel and our fleet of modern machinery. The logistics unit organizes all deliveries to the factories, either using its own trucks equipped with on-board computers or via partner transporters.

No sooner harvested than delivered!