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Agronomy and agricultural supplies

Working from an agroecological perspective, Eureden provides its members with personalised technological, agronomic solutions in the interest of high-performance, socially responsible agriculture by offering them a variety of Business Intelligence tools. These BI tools take the form of advice on fungicide optimisation, fertilisation and irrigation.

Agronomy and agricultural supplies

In terms of agronomy, the co-operative’s agronomists provide assistance in particular to technicians with the implementation of soil conservation techniques: crop diversity and rotation, uncultivated land, permanent plant cover, and so on. Preserving our ecosystem and the profitability of our members’ farms are important lines of work for all our actors.

As concerns agricultural supplies, the selection of referenced products and the crop management techniques recommended by our technicians are based on the results of trials conducted at testing platforms with ISO 9001 and GEP (good experimental practices) certification and at our network of model crop farms. Thanks to our Hortalis network, Eureden is also the top supplier of specialized agricultural supplies for market gardeners, field vegetable crop farmers, nursery gardeners and groundskeeping professionals.

Our flexible logistics allows us to offer a wide array of deliveries based on our members’ needs: from collection at the warehouse for urgent requests or pallets prepared for scheduled orders, through to delivery at the farm within 24 hours. Thanks to our in-house logistics facilities (warehouses and fertilization workshops), we always have a broad range of products in stock and are able to manage and anticipate purchases, even in a context of a nervous market. We also test out new order placement methods, made possible by the rollout of digital tools.

Business intelligence (BI) tools are now a part of the agricultural landscape