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Cereal cultivation

Each year, our members deliver cereals and oilseeds/protein crops to the co-operative. Thanks to our local collection network supported by storage and drying sites, we can guarantee promotion and secure outlets for their products.

Cultivation of cereals and oilseeds/protein crops

To support their technical monitoring of their wheat, corn and other cereal crops, Eureden’s members rely on the expertise of the co-operative’s technicians who specialize in crop production. Our technicians monitor product quality, from field to silo. The cereals are then routed to animal nutrition plants, mills or export channels. The segmentation of the flows is guided by the quality of the harvests and the optimization of promotions.

We also utilize tailored tools to give our members the best marketing opportunities via Celtépi, a Eureden subsidiary.


Wheat threshing in the Ille-et-Vilaine department
Organic buckwheat flowers in the Morbihan department