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Frozen vegetables

The Eureden co-operative agri-food group is a major actor on the European frozen vegetables and prepared products market. With our Paysan Breton, d’aucy and Maestro di Verdura brands as well as production by distribution brands and co-packing by Gelagri, we provide specific responses to the expectations of the various marketing channels (retail, catering, industry, export).

Each year, we sell more than 180,000 tonnes of frozen food. Our development is based on our value chain and the expertise of our teams, an agroecological approach in France and Spain, and our capacity for innovation.


tonnes of frozen food each year


new products each year


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Expertise from field to plate

Control of the production value chain

Our vegetables are sourced from two areas: France and Spain. In France, the vast majority of our vegetables are sourced from Eureden co-operatives’ member farms. In Spain, we procure them from partner farmers.  

All our products are frozen and packaged in France, at our Breton plants in Loudéac and Saint-Caradec, or in Spain, at our plants in Santaëlla and Milagro.





Agroecology at the heart of our processes

Our co-operative and its farmers are committed to a process of continuous improvement to meet society’s expectations and develop our practices towards production that is ever more respectful of the environment, such as biodiversity, crop protection, and the conservation of soil and water resources in particular.

Many years of research have led to the creation of a multitude of innovations to allow us to produce better from less. We are replacing conventional production methods with an agroecological approach ranging from organic produce to a “third path”.

To fulfil our promise of respect for nature and people, our certified organic vegetables are cultivated using methods and practices that maintain the natural balance. In France, the vegetables of our 1,600 farmers are also grown under the Agri Confiance certification label.

The Producers’ Organisation covering all 1,600 growers has obtained Level 2 French environmental certification, meaning chefs in mass catering can comply with the Egalim law. In Spain, our Veconatur-certified vegetables are grown using innovative agricultural techniques that have replaced chemical insecticides and fungicides with natural substances.






Quality and traceability first and foremost

We have always endeavoured to offer only high-quality products. To do so, all our vegetables are selected with care. Crop inspections and quality controls are in place throughout the cultivation, manufacturing and packaging processes. From farm to table, our process is intentionally demanding and completely transparent. 

As a result, it is very important to us that our products grown in France are released to market as soon as possible. Our “Fruits & Légumes de France” (“Fruit & Vegetables of France”) and “Agri Confiance” certifications, as well as Paysan Breton’s membership in the “Produit en Bretagne” (“Made in Brittany”) association, and d’aucy’s commitment to French production, vouch for this commitment.


Gelagri, a recognised retail brand specialist

From primary materials (blanched, cooked or organic vegetables, blends, purees, etc.) to prepared frozen meals (bagged ready-made meals, gratins in trays, soup bowls, prepared purees, steam pouches, vegetable stir fries, prepared vegetables, etc.), Gelagri has been developing its expertise for more than 40 years and is recognised for the quality of its offer. We create products for all distribution channels: supermarkets and hypermarkets, home delivery, food service, industry and co-packing. From recipes to packaging, our products are tailor-made. Gelagri has a presence both in France and abroad.


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Paysan Breton, the brand to watch in frozen food

With more than 30 products available in supermarkets and hypermarkets, Paysan Breton Les Surgelés offers vegetables and stir-fry products for all tastes! 

The Paysan Breton Les Surgelés brand also helps professionals demonstrate their creativity, with more than 70 products for the food service industry, including plain, cooked, mixed, ready and pureed vegetables, as well as individual portions and more.

d’aucy, a farmers’ brand

The d’aucy brand offers a very complete range of frozen vegetables to satisfy all tastes, wherever the consumer may be! Present across 3 distribution channels (food service, supermarkets and hypermarkets, in France and abroad), our frozen vegetables are practical and easy to use, whether as a single vegetable or in a mixture, raw or cooked! This offer also reflects the brand’s support for the agroecological transition, with several organic products and from farms that have obtained Level 2 Environmental Certification.

Vegetables specially designed for the catering industry

 The d’aucy Express range designed for the catering industry includes almost a hundred frozen food products: cooked mixed vegetables and single vegetables, purees and ready-made recipes. Pre-cooked, ready-to-use vegetables and vegetables to cook for chefs to use in their daily menus.

Discover the benefits for chefs:

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An international presence 

d’aucy: a complete range available worldwide! 

The d’aucy brand offers a very complete range of frozen vegetables to satisfy all tastes. As a single vegetable or in mixtures, raw or cooked, our frozen vegetables are practical and easy to cook.

Consumers around the world can prepare them in their own way and treat their families!


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Maestro di Verdura : more than 60 products ! 

Maestro di Verdura is a food service brand dedicated to markets in Southern European, Italy, Spain and Portugal. The brand meets local demand by offering a wide range of more than 60 products (single, mixed, grilled vegetables, etc.) that can adapt to the culinary habits and traditions of each country. 


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