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Services to farmers

Our goal is to guide our members through changes in their professions by incorporating environmental and societal considerations. In fact, our co-operative assists farmers with all their produce (milk, pork, poultry, beef and veal, eggs, vegetables and cereals), technically, economically and environmentally. Thanks to our decentralized organization, our dense network of shops and our effective teams on the ground, we are able to be close and responsive to everyone who collaborates with us. Our priority is to give everyone the keys they need to boost the performance and longevity of their farms.

Personalized support for each of our members

Effective bespoke solutions

Thanks to our crop experts, we are able to offer our members the advice, products and agronomic services they need to efficiently manage their crops while following the principles of agroecology.

Thanks to the creation of experimental platforms, our crop experts provide effective, personalized solutions to our farmers, which account for both society’s health and environmental expectations and the market’s quality requirements.

Our Group utilizes tailored tools to give our members the best marketing opportunities. All the advice we deliver is secured and traced using the VisioConseil tool. Agricultural solutions advisors back up our technical experts by offering additional consulting services (fertilization records, nitrogen flow declarations, phytosanitary registers, CAP reports, etc.).

We also give our members the chance to participate in “Agrosoil” discussion and progress groups on agronomy and soil conservation techniques. As concerns animal nutrition, our specialized co-operative Aliouest develops custom feed solutions tailored to each herd’s specific needs. Our two ISO 9000 certified factories produce 650,000 tonnes of feed each year to supply our 5,000 member farmers in Brittany and the Loire Valley.

To satisfy the needs of livestock farmers, our teams of engineers, veterinarians and technical experts talk and work every day with their fellow crop production specialists.

Potato growing is a very precise profession which has to meet a very strict set of specifications and highly regulated compliance standards. In response to these quality requirements and the criteria of the Official Inspection Authority of the Ministry of Agriculture, our co-operative makes all our expertise available to all our specialized producers.

Agronomic and agroecological advice and experimentation

Working from agroecological perspective, the Eureden Group also provides its members with technological agronomic solutions in the interest of high-performance, socially responsible agriculture by offering them a variety of business intelligence tools.

Those BI tools take the form of advice on fungicidal optimization (Atlas), fertilization (Farmstar) and irrigation (Sentek). Thanks to its COFRAC-accredited laboratory, our partner Capinov also offers a wide array of agronomic, nutritional and food safety testing to a diverse clientele. Its expertise also extends to consulting services in the field of agriculture and agri-food. It can provide assessments on subjects as varied as agroecology, methanization, business intelligence tools and precision agriculture, as well as regulatory and agronomic services. For its part, the Quality Department is active in a variety of areas: food safety (HACCP, ISO 22000, IFS, BRC, etc.), quality, safety and environmental management (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 17025, etc.) and quality management for upstream agriculture (Agri-Confiance NF V01-005).

Our co-operative is Brittany’s leader in the field of agricultural supplies. That business line, which we run in conjunction with the national buying group Agrihub, ensures that we have access to innovative, high-performance products. Thanks to our Hortalis network, Eureden is also the top supplier of specialized agricultural supplies for market gardeners, field vegetable crop farmers, nursery gardeners and groundskeeping professionals.

Simplified access to training

Over and above this personalized support, we do everything in our power to assemble new talent by attracting the best profiles and developing skills through training, learning and internal mobility to continuously stimulate innovation and encourage creativity.

Through our network of 80 experts who specialize in cutting-edge agricultural consulting, we offer training to our members, so they can update their technical and regulatory knowledge and optimize their yields.

The Agricultural Solutions team delivers training in every innovative area, from more general subjects like Certiphyto plant protection certification (a certificate course) to specific topics like operating milking machines (based on discussions between farmers of their past experience). We believe that training is essential, because the world of agriculture is constantly changing and because conversations and openness to other practices are key to making progress.

An extensive professional distribution network

In addition to our retail distribution network, the Eureden co-operative has sites and services designed for a mixed audience, some of them primarily intended for agricultural professionals.

In Brittany, our nine Cultivert stores specializing in livestock farming equipment and professional DIY sell a large range of products and services chiefly meant for farmers and craftsmen. They offer a large number of services (with free price quotes and travel to the farms) in close collaboration with Eureden’s building experts. The professionals’ catalogue, published by Cultivert every other year, is a precious tool which allows any agricultural professional to find the right product for their needs.

As for our local shops, they service as logistical aids for our member farmers for their agricultural purchases and their deliveries of cereals.

We also offer a distributorship service for GEA milking equipment through our subsidiary Farmouest. In the space of 30 years, Farmouest has fitted out more than 1,200 milking parlours.

We have a specific chain for market gardeners, horticulturists, nursery gardeners and groundskeeping professionals: Hortalis. It relies on a network of partner suppliers with whom the chain has established an innovative professional range which is the leader on the market, offering a wide variety of services.

Direct sales also allow many professionals to buy from us: milking hygiene and nutritional products for dairy farmers and Farmer’s brand dog food for dog breeders, hunters and retailers.

Online, the website La Boutik sells more than 3,000 items for farmers. Its portfolio is constantly being expanded, there is a wide variety of available payment methods, and members can receive deliveries directly to their farms or at their closest Eureden shop.

Lastly, thanks to our subsidiary Sicarbu Ouest, private individuals and farmers can have petroleum products delivered to their homes. With 90,000 m3 sold each year and 36 drivers travelling the roads of Brittany and the Mayenne department, Sicarbu Ouest is one of the leading distributors of fuel oil in western France.

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