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Green distribution has grown substantially at the co-operative over the last 45 years, thanks to a network of more than 130 retail outlets covering all of the administrative departments in Brittany, plus Vendée and Maine-et-Loire. The teams from the Magasin Vert and Point Vert networks share their passion as they serve a half million active, loyal customers. Backed by this unique expertise, embodied in our tagline, “Nature is our business”, our network of shops is the leader in Brittany.

Magasin Vert, no. 1 in Brittany for gardening

Quality of service and products, useful advice and proximity: these are the recognized strengths of the Magasin Vert network, Brittany’s leading garden centre chain.

Our network of shops breaks down into three chains

Our Magasin Vert shops are garden centres in cities and towns. For Magasin Vert customers, a garden is a living space where people can rest and recharge, each in their own way. It can be a place of relaxation or sharing, a work of art or a playground, for subsistence crops or for wonder. The Magasin Vert mission is to enable everyone to find their inspiration, design a project, complete it and maintain it, thanks to friendly, informed advice from the staff. It aims to be the multi-style gardening chain whose network of enticing shops offers goods and services relating to plants, décor and pets. Its motto is “inspiring nature to be experienced”.

Our Point Vert shops are local self-service agricultural outlets with multiple specialities, in rural and semi-urban areas (“rurban” populations). Thanks to its agricultural roots and co-operative values, Point Vert embodies the response to our clientele’s desire for rurality and fosters the transmission of know-how. It aims to offer goods and services relating to home and garden, as well as pets, through a network of local shops. As a result, it has become an essential chain in rural areas.

In response to the increasingly specific needs of pet owners, we have also opened multiple shops under the Terranimo name. This expert chain on a growing market is a network of pet shops which offer customers a wide selection of products to satisfy all of their pets’ needs (dogs, cats, birds, fish, rodents, reptiles, horses and more), whether in terms of food, hygiene, health or training.

Eco-responsible shops

Through our “gesture after gesture” approach, our network of Magasin Vert and Point Vert garden centres encourages customers to garden in a nature-friendly way.

The environmental component is also incorporated into the specifications for the construction of our shops (emphasis on natural lighting, recycling of boxes and packaging, and so on).

Connected shops

To learn more about our in-store activities, follow the latest news on the Facebook page of your closest shop.

In addition, over and above the products available in-store, you can also access the entire product range by asking one of our sales consultants to help you use the tablets arranged around the shop.

Each year, our shops confirm their success thanks to the usefulness of the advice given by our sales consultants, as well as the quality of the services and products on offer.

So, if you need to find a gift or lay out a garden, or if you just want some advice for your kitchen garden or your pets, be sure to check us out!

Visit the website (in French) at

Visit the website (in French) at

Key figures for the Eureden Group’s Green Distribution business :

  • 1 garden centre in Brittany
  • A network of 140 shops, including franchises
  • 41 Magasin Vert shops, 95 Point Vert, 4 Terranimo and 1 Jardins du Léguer
  • 1,050 employees (FTEs – full time equivalents)
  • Projected turnover of €200 million ex-VAT for 2019
  • Rewards card with 500,000 active customers