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Canned vegetables

Eureden, our co-operative agri-food group, is the French leader in canned vegetables, with a presence both in supermarkets and hypermarkets and on the food service market, in France and abroad. Our farmers’ vegetables are sold to the Group’s brands, but also through French private labels and discount brands. In response to consumer expectations, we have made innovation a core focus.

For more than 50 years now, our co-operative has been working hard to offer the best of our vegetables. To provide quality vegetables that meet consumer expectations, member farmers are assisted by co-op experts throughout the season, from the choice of variety to the harvest. All the farms are located close to production sites. Once harvested, the vegetables are canned at Group factories, less than four hours after harvesting on average for all our main vegetables like beans, peas, carrots, and so on. From farm to table, the vegetable value chain meticulously tracks the course of all vegetables and is committed to the traceability of all its products.


Our distribution channels

As a French leader in canned vegetables present in all the major supermarket chains, our flagship brand d’aucy sells more than 112 million cans each year across all of its distribution channels, representing approximately 44 million gross tonnes of vegetables (figures from 2018). Mainly in Brittany, but also in the other main vegetable production regions of France, our vegetables are grown by 1,500 co-operative farmers who are passionate about their work and feel personally attached to their brand.

Thanks to d’aucy foodservice entity, our canned vegetables are also sold on the food service market.

Additionally, the Eureden Long Life branch ensure that we are available from every French distributor, through private labels and discount brands. This accounts for a significant proportion of our sales in France. Thanks to its sector-based organization and its control over every stage, from vegetable production to processing, Eureden works hard to meet consumers’ quality expectations. The French origin of the vegetables meets another set of consumer preferences.

Our international presence

Also, with 30% of its production sold outside France and distributed in 80 countries (including 18 in Africa), the value chain enjoys a strong international presence, namely under the d’aucy and Globus brand names. Abroad, at our production sites in Spain and Hungary, our plants source 100% of their ingredients from farmers under contract.

Innovation: A key focus

After the success of our innovations in vacuum packed vegetables (with no juices) in France and Europe, d’aucy launched a new range of 100% plant-based vegetables and cereals, designed to meet the growing expectations of consumers in terms of products that are both healthy and delicious.


More recently, d’aucy released its first line of vegetables in the process of converting to organic farming, available on French supermarket and hypermarket channels since the end of 2019. This line was co-created with our consumers over the daucycestvousaussi (“d’aucy is you, too”) collaborative platform. This novel, virtuous initiative promotes our farmers’ investments in their transition and will help to support them during the three years it will take to go completely organic.

Locations of our Eureden Long Life sites


Our canned vegetable brands


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