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The first Eureden Integrated Report is available !

Published on 05 February 2021

Eureden today publishes its first integrated report: a synthetic and global vision of the value created by the Group for all its stakeholders.

For its first year, and in line with the desire to place the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy at the heart of the global strategy, Eureden has chosen to communicate the data for the year 2020 in the form of an integrated report. This document presents the financial and extra-financial results for the financial year starting on 1 January 2020, the date of the creation of the union of Eureden’s two constituent cooperatives, and ending on 30 June 2020, the date on which the accounts were closed.
Co-piloted by the Finance Department and the CSR Department, the production of this document was made possible thanks to the contribution of numerous employees in all of the Group’s divisions and business lines, in France, Spain and Hungary.


Creating sustainable value

This integrated report provides a global approach to value creation, presenting the challenges facing the company as well as the risks likely to affect our activities. The aim is to better anticipate them and integrate their control throughout our value chain.

It allows you to (re)discover what Eureden is, transparently detailing how the Group creates sustainable value for all its stakeholders: customers, cooperators, employees, and for society at large, through 4 reading inputs:
– The governance of our cooperative group.
– The vision and ambition of Eureden, led by Serge Le Bartz, Chairman, and Alain Perrin, Chief Executive Officer.
– The Group’s business lines, through the evolution of activities, innovation and outlook.
– The commitments of the Group, the farmer-cooperators and the employees, in the development of a sustainable model.


Enjoy your reading !



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