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Organic production

Organic products have proved to be very popular with French consumers, 71% of whom consume them at least once a month, and are expanding significantly on the shelves of food shops.

But over and above being a consumer trend, organic goods have brought conscious consumers together over a commitment to virtuous agriculture, environmental preservation and animal welfare, within a context of advocating for local, fair trade agriculture for all our farmers.

Eureden: Organic and much more!

Between seasonal organic products farmed locally in Brittany, lobbying for farmers’ interests and a focus on innovating to develop new methods for protecting the environment and improving animal welfare, Eureden’s organic farming goes much farther than strict compliance with European regulations.

The d’aucy brand supports the conversion to organic farming

Organic goods in our region

As a major economic actor in Brittany, we also want to contribute to the expansion of local organic products used by our region’s institutional caterers.

An organic value chain for each type of product

We want to support our members’ organic farming projects in each production chain. As a result, we have made a commitment to arranging organic value chains for our vegetables, cereals, eggs, pork products, etc., so as to promote our organic produce on a secure and lasting basis. In this way, we support organic agriculture from fork to pitchfork.

To remain in line with client demand, our priority work involves identifying and contracting with long-term outlets to ensure our members have a secure and peaceful transition to organic. Our subsidiaries play a major role in providing access to consumers.

Eureden’s upstream organic team shares their overall expertise on organic certification (technical support for their conversion, sourcing of seeds, enriching agents, fertilizers, raw materials for livestock feed, etc.) with farms, on top of the technical monitoring performed by each production value chain’s functional experts.