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Eureden’s co-op members and employees mobilize in response to COVID-19

Published on 23 March 2020

During the singular health crisis which we are all weathering today, the Eureden co-operative agri-food group is fully mobilized. 

In the face of COVID-19, our absolute priority is to protect the health and safety of our employees, co-op farmers, clients, suppliers and partners. To do this, we have instituted special measures and adapted the organization of work at our different sites (factories, offices, shops, etc.) in order to strictly adhere to the authorities’ health and safety instructions, and have made telecommuting the norm for our support functions.

The government has reiterated the vital importance of agriculture and agri-food during this crisis. As an agricultural, agri-food group, we are fully aware of our responsibility and are doing everything in our power to continue to feed our fellow citizens who are confined to their homes, in terms of both the quantity and quality of our food.

The organization that we have put in place allows us to safely ensure the continuity of our business, albeit with certain adjustments, from upstream (collection of animals, milk, eggs and vegetables; delivery of livestock feed and agricultural supplies) to downstream (manufacture and supply of canned and frozen vegetables and ready-made meals, eggs, meat, etc.). As for our shops (Point Vert and Magasin Vert), they are not fully open to the public but do offer a limited range of pellets, products for pets and professional agricultural products.

Each and every day, our co-op members and employees are committed to pursuing their essential duties for everyone’s benefit. In this era of the coronavirus, Eureden’s motto is more meaningful than ever: “Feeding humankind well is the most essential mission in the world. It is our mission, and we are proud of it.”

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