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Eureden presents its strategic project

Published on 07 January 2021

Following the announcement of the merger of the founding cooperatives on 1 January 2021 and the implementation of a new governance structure, the Eureden Group today presented its strategic project at the 45' Eureden Live, a 100% digital event bringing together more than 2,000 cooperators, employees and partners. Eureden's objective is to become the agricultural and food industry leader in Eating Well.

To achieve this, a roadmap has been defined. The aim is to accelerate and deepen the modernisation and transformation movement already undertaken. Eureden has a twofold objective:

1- To become the reference cooperative of Breton farmers

Several topics are priorities for farmers, and in particular young people, to make them want to join Eureden:

  • A better individualisation of services to farmers. Each farmer has his own project and the cooperative will support him individually to make it possible, without imposing its views. This means listening to our members even better in order to serve them better. The digital revolution today offers hitherto unimaginable means to individualise our services. Eureden will rapidly acquire the level of technical and digital requirements that farmers will need tomorrow.
  • Fair remuneration for farmers. Eureden’s responsibility is to improve the quality of what is offered to the consumer while ensuring a fair and stable income for the producer.
  • Open, participatory and transparent governance. Each elected representative has a role to play in the service of the collective and must participate, at his or her level, in a decision-making process based on analysis and work. Thus each member of the board already has a field of reference on which he or she will have to take Eureden forward. This is new and it is an example of the change that Eureden wishes to promote.
  • A progressively renewed governance, feminised and allowing the commitment of the young people who will make the future of Eureden. Elected representatives will have the information and training they need to be in the best decision-making conditions. They must be fully aware of current and future developments in our businesses and our environment. This is essential to carry out their mission as elected representatives.

Alain Perrin – Managing Director : ” The most important commitment we must have is to the cooperative members. Examining our organisations through the lens of performance is what will enable us from tomorrow to ensure a better income for the farmers who have chosen Eureden. We must not hesitate to question ourselves, to demand rigour in execution, to transform ourselves, all this in order to achieve the results our members deserve “.

Pierre Antonny – Deputy Managing Director : ” We are, by birth, a multi-purpose group and will remain so by developing around our historic businesses. Not because we don’t need to change anything, quite the contrary. But because our customers, our consumers, have choices that are evolving and choices that are not unique. Our members are aware of this and are looking to get ahead of the game so that they are always better attuned to the markets. A multi-purpose cooperative values farmers’ choices to better meet those of consumers. And this is the best guarantee of its development, in the long term “.

Alain Perrin – Managing Director (left). Serge Le Bartz, President( right)

2- To make Eureden a high-performance, high-quality food-processing group

Eureden’s ambition is not to be the leader in terms of volume or turnover but to be a group whose high quality is recognised by all consumers, suppliers, distributors and public authorities. Eureden’s responsibility is to improve the quality of what is offered to the consumer while ensuring a fair and stable income for the producer.

The priorities for this objective are :

  • Consumer choice. The corollary of versatility is the consumer’s freedom of choice; Eureden must be where the consumer wants to be. Tomorrow the group will have more brands in which consumers, in all their diversity, will be able to recognise themselves, leading brands in agro-ecology or organic farming for example. It will also be necessary to explain to the consumer what is being done in terms of reducing phytosanitary products, animal welfare…
  • The downstream/upstream relationship within the group. A new relationship between downstream and upstream will be built. Eureden is a unique group by its strength on both sides and will draw all the efficiency that will emerge from this relationship.
  • Transformation. Controlling part of the transformation of our members’ production on our territories is essential and strategic. This transformation and the brands create a more direct essential link with the markets. Getting to know our consumers better enables us to adapt our productions as well as possible.
  • Distribution. Eureden is a major player in specialised distribution with professional distribution and the Green Point and Green Store network for the general public. The group has a lot of ambition in this business, which is a source of development and innovation. New distribution channels are appearing every day : short circuits, direct sales, e-commerce. Eureden wishes to position itself at the centre of these initiatives. This is already the case with the “Le Récolteur” project, a new food distribution offer in short circuits in the Point Vert and Magasin Vert chains, and the Terranimo e-commerce platform.
  • International development . Eureden’s international development is also very strategic. Beyond the national territory, our locations in Spain and Hungary, our sales subsidiaries in several European countries and our exports to more than 30 countries around the world are all potential growth drivers.

Eureden’s objective is to become the agricultural and food industry leader in Eating Well, but also to contribute to improving the income of cooperative members, to meet market expectations, to be able to develop innovative products, to encourage women and young people in governance bodies, to be considered as a major player in CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), meeting societal expectations and a driving force in the transformation of agriculture and the food industry.

Serge Le Bartz – President : ” Eureden will become the leader in Good Eating by practicing Good Nourishment, Good Living/Growing, Good Transformation and Good Living. We will remain faithful to the Breton territory that made us. We are aware of the responsibility we have in the development of Brittany “.

Denis Le Moine, Vice President : ” We are convinced that customer satisfaction is the best guarantee of income for farmers. This satisfaction requires a close relationship between producers and customers.

The Eureden group today presented its strategic project at the 45′ Eureden Live, a 100% digital event.

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