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Eureden Field Days for Growing Crops Differently

publish_on 24 June 2022

The Eureden "Field Crops" days took place from 21 to 23 June 2022 on the Tr├ębrivan experimental platform. The objective of these days was to federate the teams around the approach of progress "Cultivons Autrement" which one of the major stakes is the reduction of phytosanitary products. The aim was also to help employees and members to improve their agroecological practices through training and experience sharing.

The “Cultivons Autrement” progress approach was initiated by the Eureden cooperative in 2019. Its objective is to promote agroecological practices to reduce the environmental impact of crop-related activities.
For this, actions are implemented to promote biodiversity, water quality, reduction of CO2 emissions, soil fertility, and reduction of phytosanitary products while maintaining the economic performance of farmers.

120 employees and farmers worked in focus groups to identify 5 priority areas:

– The development of alternative agronomic practices
– The organization of training sessions and experience sharing
– Developing the use of digital tools
– The implementation of actions in favor of biodiversity and the environment
– The establishment of channels promoting agroecology

They have also defined objectives to be reached by 2025:

– To double the surfaces protected by alternative solutions
– To mechanically weed about 10,000 hectares of corn and vegetables
– To reach 250 members involved in crop progress groups
– Offer a range of products with zero hazardous products
– Double the proportion of land monitored by a decision support tool (DST) for the application of fungicides


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