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A new governance for Eureden

Published on 05 January 2021

One year after the creation of the Eureden union, the founding cooperatives of Eureden (Triskalia and Cecab) merged on 1 January 2021, giving birth to a single cooperative with new governance.

At the end of 2017, we announced our plan to merge the d’aucy and Triskalia groups in order to build the leading player in the regional cooperative agri-food industry. After 3 intense years of co-construction, including one year of operation in the form of a cooperative union, the delegates (representing member-cooperators) voted unanimously in favour of the creation of the new Eureden cooperative at the extraordinary general meetings of 11 December 2020.

With this vote, our new Eureden cooperative agri-food group has taken a key step forward, as announced in December 2017. The first elective Board of Directors, made up of 30 members, unanimously elected Serge Le Bartz, a farmer from Lignol (Morbihan), as Chairman of Eureden. Denis Le Moine, a farmer in Bréhand (Côtes d’Armor) was elected Vice-Chairman and Chairman of Eureden Group (the entity in charge of the Group’s downstream activities). The Bureau of the Board of Directors is composed of 8 members.

The Board of Directors has appointed Alain Perrin as Chief Executive Officer. The latter has appointed Pierre Antonny as Deputy Chief Executive Officer.

For Serge Le Bartz, Chairman, “it is a real satisfaction to have successfully completed this merger project. We have just passed a historic milestone. Each founding cooperative can be proud to have created a new entity that will contribute to the development of a Breton agriculture and agri-food industry that is internationally renowned“.

For Alain Perrin, Managing Director, “the creation of the Eureden cooperative is a new stage in our project. Our cooperative group should enable us to better meet the needs of each farmer and to accelerate our downstream development while responding to the agricultural and food-processing stakes as well as the new expectations of our markets“.


About Serge Le Bartz

Serge Le Bartz is 60 years old. He is a farmer in Lignol (Morbihan), on a 140-hectare farm producing vegetables and cereals and poultry (pullets). He has been a director of a cooperative since 1991 and has chaired the d’aucy group since 2014.

He has served as a member of the Morbihan Chamber of Agriculture and has held directorships in the vegetable sector at Cenaldi (National Economic Committee of Industrial Vegetable Producers) and Unilet (interprofessional association for processed vegetables). He is vice-president of La Coopération Agricole Ouest and treasurer of the board of directors of La Coopération Agricole.





About Alain Perrin

Alain Perrin, 57 years old, has spent his entire career working for the agricultural world, including more than 20 years in co-operatives : Limagrain, where he notably con

tributed to the international development of field crop activities, then Cecab and Coop de Broons (now Groupe d’aucy), which he helped to revitalize.

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