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Strategic partnerships

Eureden aims to offer delicious, healthy and widely accessible products to consumers, produced by the co-operative’s member farmers.
In parallel to our internal processing chains, we have long maintained strategic partnerships with manufacturers, each in their area of expertise, for our dairy, cattle and pig businesses in particular.

 Laïta, excellence in dairy products

Laïta, a dairy company based in western France, was formed in 2009 through the merger of the dairy activities of the Eureden, Even and Terrena agricultural co-ops. With solid roots in the region but still with an international reach, it cultivates operational excellence and an innovative spirit in relation to milk and dairy products. Its objective is the sustainable promotion of milk from its founding co-operatives’ members, on the French and export markets, thanks to its large capacity for investment and innovation.

Its business revolves around collecting and processing milk and then marketing the processed products. Laïta has six industrial sites (five in Brittany and one in Pays de la Loire) and one affiliated site (in Brittany). The company also has several locations in Europe, evidence of its international reach.

With its multiple dairy specializations, Laïta offers an extensive array of products: butter, cheese, ultra-fresh goods, dry ingredients, health nutrition, feed for young mammals, and the list goes on. It develops product ranges aligned with customer demands and food safety requirements. Those ranges offer all the guarantees of major brand names the likes of Paysan Breton, Mamie Nova, Régilait, and so on. On a day-to-day basis, this goal of excellence translates into a global quality assurance approach to ever-changing targets.

Key figures for Laïta:

  • Breakdown of equity: Even (50.57%), Terrena (31.01%) and Eureden (18.42%)
  • Milk collected from 3,070 dairy farms
  • 5 billion litres of milk annually
  • Distribution of turnover: 70% in France, 30% exports
  • 2,830 employees

Visit the website at

Socopa Viandes, the meat specialist

A longstanding outlet for Eureden’s beef, veal and pork, Socopa Viandes is a major player in France and abroad. Its knowledge of European production areas and its close, historical ties with agricultural co-operatives ensure a large number of secure value chains.

In fact, this subsidiary of the Bigard Group has many abattoirs and processing plants, located in the heart of France’s cattle and pig farming regions.

Eureden’s producers’ organizations work closely with the Socopa Viandes sites in Guingamp (Côtes-d’Armor) for beef and veal and Châteauneuf-du-Faou (Finistère) and Evron (Morbihan) for pork.

Socopa Viandes offers a broad selection of meats with different degrees of preparation, making it one of the main suppliers of meat products on many markets (independent butcher’s shops, supermarkets and hypermarkets, restaurants, wholesalers, exporters, industrialists, and more).

Key figures for Socopa Viandes:

  • 5,500 employees
  • 17 industrial sites
  • €1.5 billion in annual turnover

Visit the website (in French) at

Visit the website (in French) at