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Innovation in the lab

At the modestly sized structure that is the Capinov laboratory, ethics, reliability and impartiality are major strengths when it comes to meeting market demands and satisfying customers throughout France.

Capinov lab, taking testing farther

Capinov’s main areas of expertise are:

Agronomy, water and the environment (fertility of crop soil and substrata, effectiveness of fertilizers, screening for pollutants and contaminants, water drinkability, etc.), in the interest of better crop management

Nutrition, nutritional and functional quality and microbiology, primarily for agri-food value chains

Food safety (screening for mycotoxins, phytosanitary residue, heavy metals, etc.), assessments which are vital to any responsibility strategy

Sensory analysis (qualification of appearance and taste, blind taste tests, etc.), which can be very useful in appealing to consumers.

Research innovations and analytical development

Capinov has an analytical monitoring service designed to anticipate regulations and develop new test methods. A versatile team of complementary skill sets engage in research into areas of interest like agronomy, biotechnologies, the environment, analytical development and sensory assessments. The lab has experience managing French and international research programmes.

It is accredited by Cofrac (French Accreditation Committee) as per standard ISO 17025 and has ISO 9001 certification for the design and performance of agri-food inspections and the collection of samples for agricultural and agri-food testing.

Capinov is accredited by the following French bodies:

– Ministry of Agriculture, for soil analysis

– General Directorate for Food, for the detection of pesticides in plants using single-residue and multi-residue methods

– Ministry of the Economy, Finance and Industry, for the issuing of test certificates for foodstuffs and agricultural products intended for export

It is also certified by the INAO (National Institute of Origin and Quality) for sensory analyses and testing for mycotoxins, pesticides and heavy metals.