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Innovation in distribution and marketing

As digital technologies, short supply chains and new consumer patterns are developing, new forms of distribution are emerging. Eureden works to anticipate those changes. Here is a look at some concrete examples.

La Fraîcherie, an innovative concept dedicated to fresh cut fruits and vegetables

In 2019, when Eureden acquired La Fraîcherie’s business, specializing in fresh fruit and vegetables prepared and packaged on site in supermarkets, we gained a position in the booming “fresh cut” sector. La Fraîcherie is a truly innovative concept in which “corners” are set up in hypermarket produce sections, that prepare ultra-fresh ready-to-eat, preservative-free raw fruit and vegetables for customers.

La Fraîcherie’s business extends throughout France in the form of corners in Auchan and Casino hypermarkets. With its kiosk model, La Fraîcherie boasts a number of strengths which set it apart:

Ultra-freshness with products chopped and sliced on site

– A vegetarian deli to satisfy consumers looking for healthy snacks and wanting to save time preparing meals at home

– An innovative shop-in-shop concept, a crossover between pure retail and the food industry.

This new and fast-growing business line currently employs a staff of 136 and generates €8.2 million in annual turnover.

Ronsard’s click and collect service

Launched in 2016, Ronsard Click & Collect is a sales concept for our poultry value chain.

For now, this buying method is limited to Eureden Group employees and co-op farmers. All they have to do is place their order on the website and the go to collect their goods from the nearest Group shop with a cooling cabinet.

This new channel is quick and convenient, allowing the co-operative’s employees and member farmers to thrill their loved ones with co-op products.